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1) Your first step is to download our publishing guidelines and formatting instructions. If you do not follow them, your manuscript will be rejected:

General information about the publishing process:

2) Your second step is to have your manuscript evaluated. L. Cooper Press presents books of higher quality, and to maintain that quality, your novel MUST be evaluated. The only exceptions are manuscripts by previously-published authors from major houses.

  • The evaluation fee is $125.
  • You will receive a written evaluation of your novel.
  • If your novel is recommended for publication, the fee will be credited toward your publishing fee
  •  If your novel is a good story but due to errors -  inconsistencies*bad grammar*poor spelling etc - and cannot be considered for publication at this time, we will reconsider once your full manuscript has been edited.

3)  To begin the evaluation, click the BUY NOW button:

4)  Submit your manuscript for evaluation. On the Subject line, enter the words "Manuscript Submission" + your title and genre.

Please include:

  • Your entire manuscript - 55.000-100,000 words - as an attachment
  • Word doc only
  • 1" margins
  • Word count
5) Submit your manuscript to:

All submissions MUST follow the formatting guidelines to be considered.


  1. The word count on novels should fall between 55,000 - 100,000 words. If your novel has a larger word count, please contact us.
  3.  For detailed formatting instructions, click BROWN button:


You MUST download and sign this license agreement, and it MUST accompany your manuscript submission or it will NOT be accepted. NO EXCEPTIONS

 Date: __________________________


I understand that L. Cooper Press will create a Kindle ebook and print version of my novel, titled _____________________________________




1.  Author retains all rights to their work/manuscript submitted to L. Cooper Press.

2.  L. Cooper Press agrees to guide the author through the publishing process by providing step-by-step instructions and provide/recommend the resources needed to take author's novel from submission to publication of a Kindle and a print version.

3.  L. Cooper Press will provide an ISBN for Author work.

4.  L. Cooper Press will provide its publisher's imprint

5.  L Cooper Press will provide formatting for Kindle ebook version and the print version

6.  L. Cooper Press will provide cover designer; however it is Author's responsibility to contact designer and work directly with her.




1.  I hereby certify that I am the creator and/or legal owner of the novel, title _____________________________________________________________________ and that the material within is original.


2.  I certify that the submission of said title does not conflict with any arrangement the Author may have with any other person or entity, and that the said material is free of obligation to any other entity and does NOT invade any other person's privacy.





1.  Author receives all royalties to their above titled manuscript submitted to L. Cooper Press above Kindle's listing fees and the printer's printing fee.

2.  Author sets selling price through Amazon's Kindle setup page and for the print version above the printer's printing fee.




1. Although we provide a list of highly recommended editors based on abilities and reasonable fees, It is the author's responsibility to contact an editor of their choice and have their manuscript copy/line edited.

2. Author certifies that manuscript has been professionally edited and provides to L. Cooper Press their receipt/invoice from said editor. This must accompany submission.




1.  Author will, if so desired, copyright his/her above titled work.




1.  Author agrees to hold harmless L. Cooper Press, and its subsidiaries, and affiliates, and  

to indemnify and defend said entities against any losses, claims, or liabilities, which may develop or relate to this business arrangement, including claims of ownership, authorship, copyright, and/or infringement by this manuscript and any claims for damages which may be caused by the Author's oversights.


2.  Author agrees that since the internet is available to all, Author's Kindle edition may be pirated and sold in regions for which neither Author or L. Cooper Press has authorized publication, and Author shall not claim damages from L. Cooper Press if this occurs. 




1.  Author understands this business agreement does NOT include manuscript revisions after publication.

2.  If Author desires manuscript revision after formatting, and prior to publication, Author will contact L. Cooper Press, who will then resubmit manuscript to formatter for an additional fee with a minimum of $50.

3.  Author is also aware that resubmitting manuscript to L. Cooper Press for revisions and reformatting will result in a delay in publication.

4.  If Author desires L. Cooper Press to make manuscript revisions AFTER formatting and publication, this will be treated as a separate transaction, and additional fees will result.


1. Author understands this business agreement terminates once the above title has been published in Amazon's Kindle ebook and also the print version.

2. Author will then be an independent author and free from obligation to L. Cooper Press, and L. Cooper Press will be free from obligation to said Author.


I certify that I am at least 18 years of age





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