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   Vigilante Crime Thriller:   Justice, or Revenge?
Is it ever acceptable to commit murder?

     BEYOND THE QUIET: A romantic suspense about a widow who learns of betrayal so devastatingly

deep she doesn't think she'll ever recover. But life offers second chances.

THREE WEEKS LAST SPRING: Sky hopes to recover in the Pacific Northwest, but is accused of computer hacking.

Crime Thriller.
She survives the attack, but he's watching, threatening her baby's life if she talks.


Daniel Elliot dies in a single-car accident one rainy English night. His wife, Grace, learns how little she knew about him.

HOW TO WRITE YOUR BOOK FROM IDEA TO OUTLINE: Step-by-Step Instructions With Simple One-Page Chart Templates: Learn to Plot the 3-Act Structure (From Amateur to Pro 1) Kindle Edition

HOUSE ON SERPENT LAKE:  She remembers a past she never had and the love that haunts her dreams.

THE HOUSE ON THE SHORE: Anna MacDonald hopes to find peace in the Scottish Highlands, but she discovers  her life is in danger.