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To avoid the mistake many self-published authors commonly make - publishing before their manuscripts are ready - take the step to have your first three critical chapters evaluated. Even though the temptation is great to rush to publication, it's a HUGE mistake.


If your manuscript has major weaknesses and you publish prematurely, chances are you'll develop a reputation as a clueless newbie and you may not recover - even with a later revision.

OPENING SPECIAL: the first 3 chapters for only $55

Victoria will read and evaluate your critical opening three chapters to help you decide your next step on your journey to become a published author. Please send an email, and she will instruct you on payment.

Not only is
Victoria Howard an award-winning author, she's led presentations on the craft to writers' clubs in the UK. Her favorite genres include most any genre except Sci-Fi and Fantasy.


* Opening

* Structure

* Point of View

* Setting & Time Period

* Dialogue

* Formatting

* Overall Impression


An evaluation is NOT an edit. The evaluator may recommend an edit, which is a separate function, but needed by most writers - even published authors. In my career as an editor and writing coach, I found some manuscripts were not ready for an edit, so I recommended writing classes rather than an expensive edit. An evaluation will help you, as a writer, to know whether or not you're far enough along in the craft for the next step: an edit, then publication.

I NEVER sent my manuscript to an agent/publisher until it had been completely edited and corrected. Even today, my manuscripts are always edited before publication.

Ego? Of course. I want my novels to be the best possible and have the reader enjoy the story rather than be interrupted by a errors, typos, and other mistakes we writers make. And even though I'm a former editor, I still overlook my own mistakes. My eyes 'help' me by seeing what I think I've written instead of what's actually on the page. However, readers spot the mistakes and sometimes they post a review about poorly-edited novels. So it depends on what you want in your career - a reputation for quality or?

It's up to you.

* The evaluator charges $55 for 3 chapters
* If you'd like publication with L. Cooper Press, the chapter MUST be evaluated.
* If your novel is recommended for publication, the $55 fee will be credited toward your publishing fee - offer of credit will extend for six months after date of evaluation. After that time, you will need to be re-evaluated.
* If your novel is a good story but due to errors -  inconsistencies*bad grammar*poor spelling etc - and cannot be considered for publication at this time, we will reconsider once your full manuscript has been edited.

For the evaluation, please:

a. format the chapters according to industry standards
For detailed formatting instructions, click button:

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