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This is the page for answers to the most commonly asked questions.


Are you a self-publisher, a subsidy or traditional publisher?

With our imprint, our writers keep control of their books - including control of their book's pricing. We could be considered a self-publisher with a BIG difference: we do not keep a percentage of our writers' royalties. All of the monies earned go directly to the writer.

On another page you say you provide instructions for authors to list their books with Kindle and Createspace. Other publishers list their author's books, so why don't you do that for me?

If we opened an account for your book(s), then we'd be like other publishers - we'd receive your royalties, keep a percentage, and send the rest to you.

I've heard horror stories about publishers who've failed to send royalty payments on time. How do I know you won't do the same?

In my career as an author, I, too, was a victim of an unscrupulous publisher, and I know other authors who have been as well. Failing to send royalty statements and payments can be a problem with any publisher. A few years ago a highly-reputable online ebook publisher closed overnight and left their authors in quite a nightmare with their books tied up in litigation for years. That will NOT happen with Blue Pennant Press as we help you open your own account with Amazon for your ebook distribution and CreateSpace for your print book. Smashwords, too, if you'd like. Since the accounts will be in your own name, the monies never go through us; instead they go directly to you.

What happens to my title(s) if you do close?

No one can predict the future, so I can't say we'll never close; however, if we do, your books will not be affected. Once we've assisted you in publishing your ebook and print version, our relationship is over, but your book will still carry the Blue Pennant Press imprint until you decide to do otherwise. Your accounts will be in your name so you will have full control on the length of time your books will be available. You'll have control of pricing, promotions, and whether or not you choose to renew your listing with Kindle and/or CreateSpace and for how long.

Will you take my book if it's been previously published?

We will certainly consider it - if you have followed the steps on the Submissions page and have proof that the rights have reverted back to you. Please contact us with title, date of publication, the publisher, and a copy of a letter stating you now own all rights.

What if the book I'd like to send is #2 or #3 in a series? Would you still consider it? 

Yes, we'd consider it. And once you attain rights to the first book in the series, we'd consider that one as well.

On one page it says your fee includes the purchase of an ISBN. I understand Amazon Kindle doesn't require one to publish with them, so why do I need one? If I choose not to have one, will you reduce the price of your fee?

An ISBN -  International Standard Book Number - identifies a book and author in a specific format and edition and the publisher.
While it's true that Amazon Kindle does NOT require an ISBN number to publish an ebook, a print version of your book must have an ISBN. You may not think you want a print version at this point, but consider signings, parties, and speaking engagements. At these events, most people will want a copy of your book, so it's always wise to take a few copies and offer to sign them. It's even easier to order your own copies since you'll have full control of pricing - above the printer's cost.  

If my print book is printed by CreateSpace, won't they be the publisher? Then everyone will know I self-published.

That's one of big advantages of using our service. Even though CreateSpace will be the printer, our imprint, Blue Pennant Press, will show as the publisher on an interior page of your book.

I live in a small apartment and don't have room for a lot of book storage. Do I have to order a certain number of books?

No. Since they'll be printed via POD - publish on demand - you may order one book or a hundred. It's your choice. Remember, with us, YOU have full control. You'll order from your own account and we'll still be listed as your publisher until  or if you decide to later make a change.

I have my own cover. May I use that one or do I have to use your recommended cover designer?

It depends on your cover. Even though we do not require signed contracts, we have high standards for our imprints. All of our books must be edited and have covers designed by a professional - or of professional quality. If you have your own cover, you're welcome to submit it for consideration.

Where are you located? 

We're a U.S. company based in the Inland Empire of Southern California.

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