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While L. Cooper Press does not offer editing, I can personally recommend excellent editors. I've been in the business over twenty years - as an editor and author - and even though I am an editor, I always hire one to go over my manuscript before I allow anyone else to see it: agent or publisher. And it doesn't matter if it's a novel, a newspaper article, or a stand-alone short story, or one for an anthology. Once your words have been published, they're in the world for anyone to see. 

Readers notice mistakes and awkward sentences you may have overlooked. So make sure you're proud of your work. After all that's your signature. Your baby. Make sure the diaper is clean.


I've also been the victim of a scam editor, one who proclaimed he edited for a best-selling novelist. I hired him, paid the exorbitant fee, and was surprised he didn't allow communication during the process. When he returned my 'edited' manuscript to me, I was  extremely disappointed. Shocked even. He did very little work in return for the high fee. Even though I protested, he ignored me. 

The editors listed below are all hard-working and honest. And I've personally used them all, so I know they're good. And they allow communication during the process, will answer questions, and explain what and how they're editing.

So check them out, send an email directly to them for your questions, and choose the editor who you feel is the best match for you. 

Good luck in your writing, and may your book be the next best-seller!

MANUSCRIPT Proofreaders/Copy Editors/Content Editors-Book Doctors

Line/Copy Editors:

They check your word usage, correct awkward sentences, and flag the general flow of your manuscript.

Millie Hinkle
Judith Ring
Karen Babcock

Story/Book Content Editors:

They will do a line/copy edit as well as check your story for structure. Their fees are higher because of the additional work. Check with them about what you want/need.
Brittiany Koren
Sandra Haven

Book/Content Editors:

The highly-skilled book editors checks your manuscript for quality, ranging from word usage to content and structure. The highest in fees due to their skills and knowledge of what the book industry requires.

Sandra Haven
Mary L. Roby