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BLUE PENNANT PRESS: Self-Publishing Assistance

If you're discouraged by the thousands of dollars the popular self-publishers demand; if you're frustrated by the time and learning curve to self-publish and would rather use your time to write,
Blue Pennant Press is the answer. Founded by authors who have publishing experience with Traditional, Online, and Self-Publishing, we can guide you. We'll get you published the right way.

BLUE PENNANT PRESS: Our Publishing Package

Our SPECIAL PACKAGE of $999 Includes Everything you Need to Become a PUBLISHED AUTHOR
 and have your book distributed WORLDWIDE.

            Custom Cover Design                       ebook Kindle                          Paperback Publishing

Formatting Your Print Version              ISBN & Bar Code                                 ebook Formatting

At Blue Pennant Press, we provide the services needed  for authors who wish to self-publish and receive all royalties due and retain all book rights. 

  • Custom covers
  • Hand Formatting instead of computer generated, 
  • ISBNs
  •  Assistance with opening your own accounts with distributors. 

By opening your own accounts, you keep all rights and royalties, and your books will be distributed WORLDWIDE.

Founded by published authors, BP's goal is to provide the BEST for you in independent publishing.

By hiring us your ebook and print version book will carry the Blue Pennant Press imprint and logo instead of the the Amazon Digital Service & CreateSpace imprints.

Your book will have its own sell page on Amazon for your Kindle edition as well as your print version. Your print/paperback version will also be listed on Barnes & Nobel online store as well as on Amazon.  

NOTE: L. cooper is accepting novels only at this time and only from U.S. authors.

Amazon/Kindle *  Barnes & Noble * Kobo * iPad * Smashwords * Nook, & More

No hidden fees, no choices of what percentage to give to the publisher/self-publisher. Just one straight package. Pay the one-time fee and receive everything you need to publish like a professional, and all your rights to your books remain yours, and you'll control your own accounts with Amazon, Smashwords - if you wish, and Createspace. Control your pricing, control your promotions. And be paid directly instead of waiting for the publisher, self-publisher.
1. In addition to the above, we provide Step-by-Step Instructions for creating Amazon Kindle & Createspace accounts if you do not have one, and how to list your new book. You must do so as a cooperative effort; otherwise the royalties will go to us instead of to you. You will have FULL CONTROL of PRICING YOUR BOOK and ALL ROYALTIES will go directly to you.

2. You'll have the option of ordering a proof copy before your printed version will be listed for sale - something we highly recommend. You'll have our publisher's imprint to mark your novel above those who have self-published. And you'll be able to order copies at a reduced price to take to signings and other events.

3. Once your book is published on Amazon as a Kindle ebook and print version on Amazon & Barnes & Noble's online store, you are released from further obligation to us and we are released from further obligation to you. All income from your books will go directly to you; however, your book may keep the L. Cooper imprint as long as you wish.

            Cover Design                                                Evaluation & Marketing                                                   Editing                        

For your cover design, you will work directly with the designer. While her fees are included in the package, we provide the contact information. You'll work directly with her, and she'll design from your ideas or you may leave it up to her. Your only expense will be the images you acquire from, i.e, iStock, Stockfresh, etc. If you already have a professional cover, contact us.
And, unlike most publishers, we will not own the design - it'll be yours to use as you wish -  for bookmarks, business cards, and to post on your website without paying a percentage to us. Your only expense will be for the images you choose to incorporate into the design.
  • Manuscript Evaluation- to maintain our standards, your novel MUST go through an evaluation before it will be considered for publication.

  • Marketing -we'll list some of the markets that reach thousands of readers for the most reasonable prices
If your manuscript needs editing, we have a list of the best and most economical editors possible. You'll have full control by contacting each one and selecting the best one for you.
You may contact our senior editor, whose fees are among the lowest in the business, or contact the other editors on the list. You will make payment directly to the editor of your choice. If your book has previously been edited, contact us.