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Based in Southern California, L. Cooper Press is a step above routine self-publishing. Our L. Cooper Press imprint is reserved for those manuscripts ready to publish, and we distinguish that by a paid 3-chapter evaluation. Once approved, we work together to publish your novel.

If you do not wish an evaluation and want to publish your book as written, you choose our Blue Pennant Productions.

No matter which imprint you choose, our package is the same:

For one fee - $999 - we personally assist writers, new and experienced, to become independent published authors by providing the formatting for the different versions, the ISBN, and the cover. And our instructions guide you through the publishing process, a process you'll use for book after book after book.

The Advantages of Choosing L. Cooper Press?

Keep ALL of your Royalties

You do not sign a contract, which means we do not require a percentage of your royalties. You keep all of the royalties you earn, yet you'll have a publisher's imprint to mark your novel above those who have self-published.
  • No contracts to sign
  • No publisher's percentages
  • One Fee Provides: Formatting * ISBN
  • Designer Cover Kindle * ebook * Print
  • ALL royalties go to you, not to us
  • You'll keep all of your book rights
  • You control the price of your book
  • You'll have your own accounts for your Amazon Kindle version as well as your print version
  • You can check your sales/royalties at any time
  • You'll work directly with our cover designer so you'll have a customized cover instead of working from a template. You'll also have FULL CONTROL over the design. 
  • You'll own your cover, so you may use it without a percentage to us
  • Your novel will be available for sale in just a few weeks
  • You'll be an independent author
  • With L. Cooper Press you'll have the advantages of self-publishing with the added benefit of a publisher's imprint and resources.

With L. Cooper Press, you'll be in the best hands - YOUR OWN.