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L. Cooper Press

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L. Cooper Press (LCP)

Traditional (Commercial) Publisher

We publish few books in the L. Cooper Press line, as we are highly selective. We only accept manuscripts by writers who know the craft and whose books reflect that knowledge. Our authors take pride in their work and make sure their books are edited and ready for publication. 

If you feel your book fits this imprint, send a query and include:

  • the first five pages as an attachment
  • Word doc only
  • 1" margins
  • genre
  • word count
If we're interested, we'll request more.  

Novels we choose to publish must be of high-quality. Writers who decide to write a novel and publish as is will not find a home here. They must be edited, at least copy-edited for errors, typos, and sentence structure.

We love previously-published authors whose book rights have reverted back to them.

Good luck!

As an example of what we may publish, here's a guide from an agent:

Click here to edit title.

Blue Pennant Press (BP)

Self-Publishing Assistance

We provide a service for authors who wish to self-publish and receive all royalties due and retain all book rights, but prefers not to spend the time necessary to contact the service providers needed:

  • formatting
  • cover design
  • ebook
  • paperback
  • ISBN

About Us

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Lynn Cantrell
Manuscript Evaluations

After my contracts with several publishers expired and the rights reverted back to me, I chose to self-publish instead of seeking other publishers.  A fellow author, Victoria Howard, chose the same.

I investigated several popular self-publishers and was taken aback at the thousands of dollars in fees. I felt I could offer something better, so I created L. Cooper Press & Blue Pennant Press.

I think our fees for self-publishing assistance is reasonable. If you feel the same, contact us. We'll help you become a published author.

We've just ventured into traditional publishing with author M. Jean Pike and her excellent novel. Who knows? We may try it again if another fantastic manuscript comes our way.